Love letters...

Marino Peter Crinella and Marian Eleanor Zurlo Crinella

After Marino (Pop) passed away, we began having Sunday dinner with Marian (Grandma) every week. When she passed away, I was given the letters she would read to us after dinner. She and I and Frank would sit in the living room and she would read them to us and explain everything that was happening during the period they were written, putting them into context and describing a world we hadn't experienced. It was a very uncommon glimpse into their lives and into a time that was unknown to us. Frank video taped her reading them, so we could always hear them read and explained in her own voice.

We've wanted to make this tribute to them for a very long time. Two incredible individuals whose story is profound. This is a small part of it. They influenced their grandchildren to be kind and admirable individuals. Although I didn't know Marino for very long, he was so clearly a man who adored his family. He always welcomed me graciously and communicated lovingly about his life and family. Each time we left their home, he'd walk us to the car and open my door for me. He'd hug me and whisper in my ear, "I'm in your corner". I hope this can repay the kindness and generosity he showed me.

These letters tell a love story between two strong individuals during the late 1920's and early 1930's. I hope you enjoy the gift as much as I have.

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Marian and Marino Crinella

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